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Contact Lenses are a great option to glasses for correcting your vision. Many people have been told in the past that they are not candidates for contact lenses for a variety of reasons. However, the science behind contact lenses is constantly changing, and for many people, what was not possible in the past is now not only possible, but simple and affordable. At our office, we fit regular contacts, toric lenses for astigmatism, and multifocal contact lenses that can replace your bifocal glasses!

With recent technological advances in contact lens care, we are able to do so much more with contact lenses than just correct your vision. Recent specialty lenses acquired in our office give us the opportunity to fit people with corneal disease with a comfortable lens that in many cases gives better vision than glasses, and can simultaneously treat dry eye symptoms.

Also, if you have ever considered LASIK but are worried about the complications cost or side-effects of surgery, we have an option for you. Paragon CRT lenses are contact lenses that you sleep in, then remove during the day. While you sleep, the lenses reshape your eye in a painless, reversible way that gives you clear vision throughout the day without contact lenses or glasses!. CRT is an affordable, non-surgical alternative to LASIK. For more information about CRT, please visit


A good website with common questions and answers about contact lenses is found at this link.

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