The Benefits of Custom-Made Contact Lenses

Since everyone's eyes are different, generalized contacts don't always cut it, thus requiring individualized custom-made lenses tailored to suit the patient's exact eye shape and needs. If you struggle to get comfortably fitting contact lenses, our optometrist at Brigham City Eye and Vision Care in Brigham City will guide you in acquiring specialty contacts for sharper vision and wearing comfort. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy from custom-made contact lenses.

Custom Made Contact Lenses

Suitable for Every Eye Condition

Custom eye lenses allow patients with conditions that make it hard to wear regular lenses to have a chance at enjoying proper vision. Such conditions include:

  • Presbyopia combined with astigmatism
  • Steep or flat corneas
  • High refractive errors
  • Small or large corneas
  • Myopia intolerance to gas-permeable lenses

Patients with any of these conditions and more can comfortably wear contact lenses again or for the first time and enjoy proper vision with reduced discomfort. Depending on your specific vision problem, optometrists can make lenses that can accommodate your vision problem. We can correct huge refractive errors of even -8.00 diopters in cylinder power and more than 25.00 diopters in sphere power, making them a go-to option if you have a severe vision problem.

You Can Choose the Exact Prescriptions

Custom-made contacts are usually made by an optometrist or an ophthalmologist, following a specific prescription. They can make contact lenses that perfectly match your eye color and shape, to not only feel comfortable but also match your individual preferences. However, with regular lenses, it’s not always possible to narrow down to such individualized details, because the design is often based on what is in stock.

Easy on Allergies

If you suffer from dry eyes or allergies, then you will find that custom-made contacts are easier on your eyes because they don't absorb moisture as quickly as regular lenses. Our optometrist will use a proprietary material to allow the contact lenses to retain much of their moisture content during daily wear. The lenses won't cause much irritation when they are worn for long periods, like those found in disposable or reusable lenses.

Get Your Custom-Made Contact Lenses for Comfortable Vision

Even if you have hard-to-fit eyes or any condition that prevents you from wearing contacts like astigmatism, you can still enjoy proper vision with custom-made lenses. Our optometrist at Brigham City Eye and Vision Care in Brigham City will obtain your K readings, HVID, and manifest RX to help make the perfect lenses for your specific needs. Call our team today at (435) 723-2144 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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