Eye Care Services

Eye Care Services

Vision is the primary sense through which we navigate, negotiate with, and interact with the world around us. Sadly, poor vision and blindness affect nearly 45 million people around the world.

The good news is that for most of us with common or minor vision issues, there are many effective treatments available due to eye doctors like the ones at Eye and Vision Care in Brigham City, UT.

Optometry & Eye Care Services

When it comes to correcting and protecting your vision, you usually reach out to an eye doctor like Northern Eye Care. Our eye care services include: 

  • Contact Lens Exams: Our Phoenix optometrist will determine the level of vision correction you need and will help you choose a contact type that best suits your needs and preferences.  
  • Eye and Vision Exams: Regular preventative eye exams are an important way we can spot potential conditions that could compromise your vision health. Many eye conditions can be treated very effectively if they are diagnosed early.
  • Hard to Fit Contact: If you can’t stand the idea of wearing glasses, or if you have to wear equipment at work that makes wearing glasses impractical, contacts are a great option. However, some conditions mean fitting lenses can be difficult. But it is not impossible. Our custom lens fitting service can help.
  • Computer Vision Treatment: In today’s modern age, computer screens are all too common. The blue light of computer screens can damage your eyes. There are effective, preventative and protective measures eye doctors can take to help with computer vision problems.
  • Sports Vision: An athlete needs strong and acute vision just as much as he needs physical strength, skill, and agility. Sports vision training can help you develop the visual acuity to remain active in sports if vision problems arise. 
  • Custom Sunglasses: We all love bright, beautiful weather. But an overabundance of sunlight can damage your eyes. Custom protective sunglasses are a fun and stylish way to protect your eyes from the damage UV rays can cause.

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